Saturday, 9 February 2013

Why is AIDS Incurable ? - Mystery of AIDS

The best answer to this question is: - It is highly mutagenic (it mutates frequently) making it very difficult to identify appropriate strategies to destroy it. Again the question arises is that why is it highly mutagenic? Scientists are continuously trying their best to solve this query, but its not being get solved. I personally observed a logic and reason behind this. This virus has two main characteristics i.e. highly mutagenic and most fragile. These two characteristics has two meaningful object. One is that it may be easily transferred from one person to other by getting contact with the blood of other, Second is that its being most fragile cannot be easily transferred to those who does not directly interact with others blood. These two characteristics of hiv virus can easily be understood with the help of two different situations:-
1.            In first situation a person establishing unprotected sex relationship with other is more prone to get infected with hiv. Because in sexual relationship the blood of two persons come in touch without getting dried.
2.            In second situation a person(being an innocent one) on a saloon get shaved with hiv infected razor having less chances of getting infected with hiv , because of the most fragile nature of hiv.
Hiv being most fragile itself get destroyed by coming in contact with the open atmosphere. It may remain alive only in the human fluids. And more than 85% of hiv infections occur due to the unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex. And among these three kinds of sexual relations anal sex is of that kind which is more prone to get infected with hiv. Because Anal cavity is not made to have sex but to expel feces. Due to absence of natural lubricants the membrane of anal cavity get easily damaged during anal sex, and becomes the reason of most hiv infection.
Now a days homosexuality and anal sex have become common. In addition to this there are various countries which are favoring homosexuality by sanctioning homosexual marriages. On its contrary we are expecting an aids free society, to which I think is not possible.
In this context I want to draw your attention to an incident which occurred in Islamic history. At the time of Hazrat Loot Alaisalam the people of the city of Sodom (sadum) were indulged in various evils. A common evil among them was that men had sex with men instead of with women. This unnatural act later became known as sodomy (after the city of Sodom).  When Prophet Lut (alai salam) forbade and warned them of Allah’s punishment, they refuse to obey. And today in the form of Allah’s punishment there is DEAD SEA in place of SADUM CITY.
And for today’s so-called modern society we have AIDS similarly As DEAD SEA. Now we cannot replace dead sea with Sadum City similarly we cannot replace Aids with Health. Because Aids is today’s DEAD SEA. Means punishment of God for unnatural act done by modern society.
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